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Ideas To Improve Flower Shop

For flower shop displays, I have 3 attractive ideas. Sometimes it happens that it becomes very hard to bring out fresh ideas for the shop decoration or else. I always welcome unique and fun ideas to show floral designs and do new experiment with arrangement of plants. You will like my designs hopefully. I pray that the designs may look better for your shop too. Begin with some wire webbing. Cut a portion large enough so that when linked in a circle you will get a circle shape. For covering up the wire web, you need a plant tray of suitable size. Such kinds of displays are known as wire pedestal. In order to cover one area with this display, you need to make at least 5 of different sizes. These kind of displays can go best for the silk flower arrangements, basket gardens or gift baskets of different kinds. There is another idea to give a look of garden to your flower shop is that arrange for the clay pots and put herbs in it display at the pedestals; you can also tag them with herbs around cages. Make at least four to five and display them at your shop. In summer window exhibits, these wire cages can become very useful.

There is another good idea for displaying and that is wooden crates. You wont believe but it’s a fact that even people come to purchase the wooden crates and I myself have sold many. Just you need to use the lathes and scrap wood to create these wooden crates yourself as according to your choice of shape and color. It is better to place these wooden crates at the display window and some of them inside the flower shop. You can also make different styling with these crates by placing a fabric of various colors over them. Silk flower arrangements, Dish gardens, baskets and pottery fill in the wooden crates nicely. You can use these wooden crates for almost every purpose to decorate the display area or so.

Beautiful shower curtains can be used for the purpose to decorated window display of flower shop. You may be thinking that I am a fool. Shower curtains are available in so numerous colors and designs. The curtains can act like a great backdrop of any theme that you want to present in you display window. It helps to highlight the display windows details. If you want to make division for the flowers and plants then you can use these curtains and can save much of the money. But you need to make it sure that the shower curtain is clean bright and shiny. Then you need to get the little craft and make slices of it in form of circles of various shapes and sizes. You can color them as well so that to give them more attractive look. Then make two holes on opposite sides by using a punch and then string in fishing line from the holes. Then at ceilings of different heights, you can hang these circles. You can even write different slogans on it or example “for sale”, “20% off” etc. You can also make the circles colored as according to the color of the occasion like red for Valentine’s day, yellow for spring and so on.

You can also merge the ideas and bring out the new one like you can take the circles that were designed for the valentine day and place them in wooden crates then add a red backdrop along with the shower curtains; just look at the display window, it will look perfect for your flower shop on the occasion of valentine and similarly you can plan out for the other occasions as well. The main aim behind the theme of flower shop is to give the feeling of being close to the nature.

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